WTI Newsletter September 2019

New app to scan paperwork and view payroll settlements called McLeod Anywhere

Have you downloaded the McLeod Anywhere app? If you have not already done so, please download load the new McLeod Anywhere app and start using as soon as possible. To begin using the app, you should have received an email from me that had a link for you to click to create your password for this app. If you do not think you got the email with the link, please let me know. If you have already created your password, follow these steps to set up the app before logging in. Download/open the McLeod Anywhere app, select I have a SCAC code and enter WBTT. Next, the app will show Boyd Logistics. Click on this and change to WTI Transport. Now click login and enter your username, which is the first 8 characters of your email. With this new app, paperwork is received much faster and also gives you another tool to be able to view you payroll settlements. Please contact Brad McMichael at 205-469-5031 or by email at bmcmichael@wtitransport.com is you have any questions

Brad McMichael

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